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In The Mood

Sunday, October 14, 2018 3:00PM
Shedd Jaqua Concert Hall

In The Mood Let’s start the year off big! This will be a black tie big band affair with a mix of tunes drawn from the bands of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, and Jimmy Dorsey. There will be angel trumpets and devil trombones, swinging rhythm sections, lush saxophones, and of course everything from solo guy and gal vocals to the big group vocal sounds of the era. [Info]
Post-concert dinner Dinner before the Concert
Don’t miss our great set-menu, casual post-performance dinners for $22.75 ($17.75, kids 9 and younger) in The Shedd’s Great Hall at 6 pm before the Tonight You Belong To Me. [Dinner Menu & Tickets] [Info]

In The Mood

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