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Shirley Andress
Bon Soir
For The Love of Barbra, 1960-64
Shedd Jaqua Concert Hall - Sunday, April 14, 2019 4:00 PM
Bon Soir Barbra Streisand’s story defies the old definitions of talent, beauty and success. She never craved the notoriety of being a “star”. Her drive was more human than that. Her ambition simple – prove her artistry to the loved ones who didn’t seem to care and became absent in her life. She demanded validation from a nagging performing world that thought she was just too different to succeed. This concert is Barbra’s story told through song during the extraordinary formative years of her career. Shirley Andress will sing Barbra’s playlists from her first audition piece to leading lady on Broadway. [Info]
Post-concert dinner Dinner after the Concert
Don’t miss our great set-menu, casual post-performance dinners for $22.75 ($17.75, kids 9 and younger) in The Shedd’s Great Hall at 6 pm before Bon Soir. [Dinner Menu & Tickets] [Info]
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