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Tonight You Belong To Me
Shedd Jaqua Concert Hall - Sunday, February 10, 2019 3:00 PM
Tonight You Belong To Me In the past few years we have presented shows on early jazz as well as the Swing Era. Over the course of these shows I have repeatedly come across tracks by two artist that always leave me wanting to hear more: Lee Morse and Mildred Bailey. Morse and Bailey each possess such wonderful individual styles and perfection in their singing and musicianship that it is surprising that neither has received more widespread acclaim. So come out and dive into the repertoire of these two local masters with us. You are invited! [Info]
Post-concert dinner Dinner before the Concert
Don’t miss our great set-menu, casual post-performance dinners for $22.75 ($17.75, kids 9 and younger) in The Shedd’s Great Hall at 6 pm before Tonight You Belong To Me. [Dinner Menu & Tickets] [Info]
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